Vision + Principles

Our vision

UBC is in the process of transforming our learning spaces to support teaching and learning that is accessible, immersive, collaborative, and technology-enriched. Our vision is closely aligned with UBC’s aim to create “an exceptional learning environment.” 

To better support UBC’s academic vision, we aim to:
  • Increase awareness of and access to our services
  • Provide support for any room related inquiries/comments
  • Provide easy access to room information + regulations

Our guiding principles

In order to create the best possible learning and teaching experience, we follow six general design principles for learning spaces:


    Enable meaningful, active and collaborative interactions between participants (student to student, student to instructor, instructional team).

    Provide appropriate technology to support diverse, enriched and flexible instructional practices and learning experiences.
    Design a sustainable and healthy environment that is conducive to learning, and will support the long-term use of the space.
    Design for a wide range of instructional practices, student activities, curricula, room uses, and potential for change.
    Ensure that principles of accessibility are central to the design of all learning spaces, and that all participants have a common experience.
    Locate learning spaces to support effective building zoning, circulation and access.

    Learn more about our guiding principles in the full Learning Spaces Design Guidelines (PDF).


    Together, we aim to create an exceptional teaching and learning environment to support world-changing research and thinking.
    -UBC VP Academic

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