Recording and Streaming FAQ

UBC IT Audio Visual has temporarily equipped approximately 160 General Teaching Spaces (GTS) with dedicated recording and streaming capacity (otherwise known as "Media Capture" or "Lecture Capture"). Below you'll find the answers to some frequently asked questions about recording and streaming in classrooms.

Note: The information on this page applies to UBC Vancouver. UBC Okanagan users can find information on how to record classes on the UBCO IT AV Self Support page here:


How do I schedule a recording? 

Please fill out this online form: (UBC Vancouver). 

Note: UBC Okanagan users can find information on how to record classes on the UBCO IT AV Self Support page here:

Can I livestream my lectures? 

Yes. The only difference between ‘livestreaming’ and ‘recording’ is the ability to watch live as the lecture is being recorded. You can specify if you require this feature in the scheduling request form:  (UBC Vancouver). 

Note: UBC Okanagan users can find information on how to stream classes on the UBCO IT AV Self Support page here:

Are orientations available? 

Yes. Please specify in the Additional Comments of the online form if requesting recording. Or contact the AV Helpdesk at

What if I am booked in a room that is not equipped with recording?  

For spaces that do not have a recording solution built in to the AV system, we may be able to provide drop-in recording kits. Please fill out the online form and AV team will be in touch:   (UBC Vancouver)

Alternatively, please contact the AV Helpdesk at to discuss needs. 

What sources / devices can be captured in my recording?

Not all rooms are configured or designed the same. Recording capabilities of each room is available here:

Where will I find my recordings? 

Instructors will be provided with a link to a course folder where recordings will be available automatically once the file is ready. Livestreaming links will appear in the same folder once the session started (be sure to refresh the link).  

Please fill out this online form to pre-schedule recordings and receive your course folder link: (UBC Vancouver)

Note: UBC Okanagan users can find information on how to stream classes on the UBCO IT AV Self Support page here:

What if I do not want to record video of myself and just have presentation content and audio? 

You can specify this in the scheduling request form. Additionally, for rooms where the camera is mounted directly above the preview monitor, you can use your hand to point the camera directly downwards. This will put the camera into a privacy mode, indicated by the yellow light. 

Will the recording also capture the students in the classroom? 

All classroom cameras are not facing the students and will not be recording students. Only the front of the room / instructor will be captured if the camera is actively recording. 

I did not provide my class schedule for recording ahead of time. Can I still request it before I start my class? 

To ensure your recording is properly scheduled and the support team is aware, we recommend submitting your request ahead of time:  (UBC Vancouver)

For last minute or urgent requests, please contact the AV Helpdesk at or call 604-822-7956 

Note: UBC Okanagan users can find information on how to stream classes on the UBCO IT AV Self Support page here:

My class schedule or room has changed. Will the recording schedule I submitted be updated as well? 

Not automatically. Please contact the AV Helpdesk ( with details of the new and previous schedule and location and we can amend the recording schedule. 

Where can I find more information? 

The Learning Spaces website includes information on what rooms are equipped with built-in recording capabilities, along with brief overview videos and information on how to schedule your recordings

Additionally, you can contact the AV Helpdesk at or call 604-822-7956 and we can answer any further questions. 


Can I make my recordings available in Canvas? 

Yes. You can provide a link to the Panopto folder in your Canvas course page, or you can share links to each individual recording as needed.

For Canvas support, please contact the Learning Technology Support Hub (LT Hub) at 604.827.4775, or fill in the online form.

Can the recorded files be edited? 

Instructors will not be able to edit the recording file via the viewing link. You can request to have download permission to your recordings if you wish to edit the recordings and upload to Kaltura.  

Will AV Support be able to provide video editing for my recordings? 

Unfortunately, AV will not be able to provide video editing services. 

How do I restrict access to my recordings? 

Recordings on Panopto will not require authentication to view if the link is posted publically. For increased security, you can retrieve an offline copy of your recording and then upload this to Kaltura via Canvas, where it will only be accessible via CWL authentication. 

Will AV Support help me with uploading my recordings to Canvas? 

For Canvas support, please use this form: 

Where are my recordings stored? 

Lectures are recorded using Panopto – an industry-leading media capture platform – and are stored on UBC’s Panopto server located in Canada. It is FIPPA compliant and data is never stored outside of Canada. 

Is closed captioning available for my recording using Panopto? 

Machine generated captions can be requested via the AV Helpdesk – or 604.822.7956. Note that machine generated captions are not 100% accurate and may require reviewing and editing.  


What do I need to do when I arrive in classroom? 

Pre-scheduled recording will start automatically, be sure to wear and turn on the lapel microphone(s) for voice input. For rooms where the camera is mounted directly above the preview monitor, the indication light will turn red. For other lecture halls with no additional mounted camera, there will be no visual indication. Instructors can give the AV Helpdesk a call at 604.822.7956 to confirm whether a recording is in progress.  

How can I be sure that the camera has me in-frame if I cannot see a preview of what it is capturing? 

For rooms where the camera is mounted directly above the preview monitor, you can engage the auto-tracking feature by holding up your hand close to your face. This will tell the camera that you want it to track your face and it will acknowledge this by flashing a blue light. As you begin to move around, it will follow you and always keep you in frame.  

Refer to this video and fast forward to the 1:31 mark.

Does auto-tracking work if I am wearing a mask? 

Yes. The hand gesture required to engage auto-tracking will work with and without a mask.  

Why are there two lapel microphones? 

Due to design constraints with the addition of temporary recording capabilities to existing classrooms, an additional lapel microphone had to be included for the recording. The existing lapel microphone is for local amplification. This is a temporary solution. 

Can I purchase and use my own microphone for my class? 

Due to the different configurations of each classroom and the technology installed, using microphones either than the ones installed may not work. AV Services is exploring options to allow instructors to provide own microphones in the future. 

At this time, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the AV Helpdesk at 

The classroom PC is asking me for a login. What is my login and why is it asking for it? 

To ensure your personal and data privacy is aligned with UBC Cybersecurity guidelines, your CWL credentials are now required to use the Room PCs in General Teaching Spaces.  

Please ensure that you log out at the end of your session. 

Can I save my course files (i.e. PowerPoint slides) to the classroom PC? Will it be there when I return for my next class? 

This is possible, but we recommend that for each class you only retrieve files from a USB stick or secure online file storage and then delete them when your class is complete. Room PCs will go through regular maintenance cycles where all user profiles will be wiped from the machine. 

Who do I contact if I need technical support with my classroom AV setup and recording? 

Please contact the AV Helpdesk at or call 604-822-7956. 

Will a support person be available throughout my entire class/session? 

Due to the high volume of requests and limited support resources, an AV technician cannot be dedicated for your entire session. Support can be pre-scheduled to be on-site to assist with starting your session. Please contact the AV Helpdesk at

Immediate AV support is available by phone and a technician can be deployed on-site within 15 minutes. 

What are the COVID-19 safety guidelines in the classroom? 

More information on UBC COVID-19 safety guidelines can be found here: 

Will the AV support person helping me with my classroom setup also clean/sanitize the equipment for me? 

The AV support team will be following the UBC COVID-19 Safety Plan ( Sanitizing the AV equipment and microphones will not be performed on a per session basis. It is recommended that users clean the high touch points prior to use.  It is safe to use moist sanitizing wipes on our AV equipment by gently wiping the surface of the touchscreen, mouse, keyboard and microphone.

The Learning Spaces COVID-19 safety plan can be found here:

For information on UBC Custodial Services’ cleaning standards during COVID-19, please visit

What are your classroom support hours? My class is in the evening and I may need help setting up for my recording. 

Normal AV support hours of operation is Mon-Fri, 7:45AM-4:00PM. There is phone and limited in-person support available from 4:00PM-8:00PM. If you require support to be on-site to start your session after 4:00PM, please reach out to 

I want to use my own laptop to record my session instead of the classroom recording system. How do I do that? Will AV be able to provide me with support? 

For self-serve scenarios (aka DIY), AV can provide the same camera and microphone solution that is available in the classroom recording systems, for use with your own device and recording software. AV support will be able to show you how to connect and operate these devices, but we do not provide support with computers in general or recording software in particular. 

If you have a UBC-supplied computer, support is available through your department IT support channels. 

If you are using UBC-supplied recording software such as Camtasia, support is available through your department learning support channels.  


I have been using Zoom for teaching since 2020 and would prefer to continue to do so in the classroom instead of the built-in recording technology. 

Only a handful of General Teaching Spaces are equipped with a dedicated videoconferencing system (IBLC 182, PHRM 1101, SPPH 143, ORCH 3074, ESB 1013, ESB 1012 & ESB 2012). However, we may be able to provide portable AV carts that can be deployed into a space for the purposes of running a Zoom session. 

Due to a limited supply of AV carts for Zoom, we may not be able to accommodate all requests. Please contact the AV Helpdesk at to discuss needs. 

My faculty/department has approved funding for me to purchase a mobile Zoom cart to be used in a non-General Teaching Space. How do I get one? 

The AV team can assist with determining, purchasing and building mobile AV solutions. Please contact the AV Helpdesk at to initiate discussion. 

Note: Due to increased demand worldwide, supply for virtual conference hardware is limited and delays may be encountered. 

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