Ponderosa Commons Classrooms

  • PCN 1008

  • PCN 1002

  • PCN 1003

  • PCN 1009

  • PCN 1001

January 5, 2016

Ponderosa Commons is the first academic and residential hub introduced at UBC. Developing the new hub paved the way for thinking about the future of mixed-use spaces at UBC.

Ponderosa Commons Oak House contains eight classrooms, three of which are active learning classrooms that support collaboration and modern technologies. The Learning Spaces Team experimented with furniture, room layouts, and colour to create an optimized learning environment. Rooms include amenities such as wireless presentation, content sharing, and whiteboards along the walls.

The new classrooms focused on the needs of the Faculty of Education, one of the primary users of the space. PCOH 1003 features a collaboration table that can be configured in three different orientations to accommodate conference or group styles, as well as a classic room setting. PCOH 1001, 1002, 1003, 1008 features audio visual overflow, allowing users to stream the presentation from one room to another.

Comfortable furniture:  Seating in PCOH 1002 is composed of adjustable and ergonomic chairs at varied-height tables.

Flexible room layout: The collaboration table in PCOH 1003 allows for multiple room arrangements. Movable tablets allows for various room formations in PCOH 1008.

Supports collaboration: Hexagonal tables in varied heights allow for maximum flexibility, ergonomics, and accessibility in PCOH 1002. Movable chairs in most rooms, allow for easy formation of groups.

New room technology: PCOH 1008 has videoconferencing capabilities and features six digital screens so students have a view of a screen no matter the table and seating orientation. All rooms are equipped with wireless presentation so students and instructors can easily connect their devices and share their content onto the digital displays.

Pragmatic instructor space: Double-bed lecterns are in the higher capacity rooms and feature built-in modern AV systems.

Spacious work surfaces: Most rooms offer large shared tables or seating with large and movable tablets.

Strategic use of colour and lighting: Vibrant coloured seating are in all rooms and a majority of the rooms have a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows to fill the space with natural lighting.

Accessibility considerations: All classrooms are situated on the first level of building. Accessible seating is height-adjustable.

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