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September 8, 2015

LSK 462 was due for an update - with the room’s acoustics being especially troublesome. In 10 weeks, the space was transformed into one of UBC’s first active learning classrooms.

In the summer of 2015, the Learning Spaces Team put a renovation plan in motion to turn LSK 462 into one of the first active learning classrooms on campus. The new layout now supports blended and flipped classroom pedagogies.

The new furniture seats seven groups of six students at height-varied hexagonal tables. Whiteboards around the classroom encourage collaboration. Each group also has an additional movable whiteboard that provides students the ability to present their assignment solutions to the rest of the class. The acoustics, lights, flooring, and the overall room aesthetics also received updates.

Comfortable furniture: Height adjustable and height-varied seating with flex back and upholstered seat bottoms provide ergonomics and allow for the choice of standing or sitting.

Flexible room layout: The furniture can be configured to support both small group work and large front-of-room teaching.

Supports collaboration: Hexagonal tables encourage students to communicate with one another in groups of up to six. Each group has access to ample writing surfaces with wall boards for problem solving and a movable whiteboard that can be wheeled to the front of room for presentations.

Easy access and movement in space: Instructors have ample room to easily move around to circulate table to table. The right amount of space between tables ensures easy movement throughout while maintaining a large group feel.  

Spacious work surfaces: Large shared tables provide enough space for notebooks, laptops, and textbooks.

Pragmatic instructor space: The lectern with its surface mounted equipment does not interfere with sight lines, movement and interaction, and has plenty of surface space for any instructional materials.

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