Increasing Collaboration with the Catchbox Throwable Microphone System

The Catchbox is a wireless, throwable microphone that supports collaborative and interactive sessions as an alternative to passing around a handheld microphone. It works with our media capture systems so audience questions are included on the session recording. The Catchbox senses motion and temporarily switches off audio while it’s in flight!

In West Mall Swing Space 221, the Master of Food and Resource Economics (MFRE) program made use of the Catchbox during their Graduation Project presentations this summer.  MFRE is a unique one-year professional masters degree combining Economics, Policy and Business and applying this knowledge to the Food, Natural Resources and Environmental sectors. The program is completed over three terms: the first two comprise rigorous courses in multiple specialization areas; in the third term, students conduct a summer graduating project with each student presenting the results of the project in a term-end presentation. Take a look at the video below of the MRFE project presentations, incorporating the use of the Catchbox.

Did you know that the HENN 200 theatre in the Hennings Building has a Catchbox installed and can be used by course sections held there?  Be sure to reach out to the AV Support Help Desk ( to assist with prepping the Catchbox for your sessions in HENN 200. We also have 2 additional Catchboxes that can be deployed in many of the GTS classrooms with built-in AV systems.  If you are interested in using a Catchbox in your course, please reach out to to discuss.

Video Credit: Krisha Lim, MFRE Data Analytics Coordinator


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