Audio Visual Systems in Macleod Building Classrooms

The Macleod Building is undergoing a major renovation which includes the creation of 8 General Teaching Space (GTS) classrooms. The project is currently wrapping up construction and we are now in the final phase of the project, which includes the installation of furniture and Audio Visual (AV) systems in the 8 GTS classrooms in preparation for September 2022. Unfortunately, the project is experiencing COVID-related delays in obtaining certain key components of the new AV systems for the classrooms. We are working diligently with our suppliers to mitigate these delays, but the reality is that COVID continues to have a massive impact on the AV industry worldwide.

Information about the AV functionality expected for Sept 2022 has been shared with instructors scheduled to teach in the classrooms in Term 1 2022W. While the full user experience we intended for these spaces may not be delivered by September, we anticipate classes will be able to proceed as scheduled with some differences from the typical UBC classroom AV systems. We will be providing additional AV support to the whole building for the first 2-3 weeks of September so that help is close by when needed.  

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