2023 Learning Space Improvement Projects

June 21, 2022

The Learning Spaces Advisory Committee has prioritized faculty-submitted learning space improvement projects for Summer 2023. 

The following projects will proceed:

  • HR MacMillan rooms 230, 230B, 230C, 230D, 230F, 230G (Faculty of Land and Food Systems): 
    • Reconfigure teaching lab and support spaces to create a functional and safe space. The existing lab has not been renovated since construction of HR MacMillan in 1961 and this project will address high level of deferred maintenance. Presently the room is not effectively used due to built-in benches, dividers and shelving. The project will greatly improve the flexibility of the space and ability to expand LFS capacity for both teaching (8 undergrad courses), student projects (undergrad as well as Masters of Food Science), and outreach programs (high schools; Vancouver Summer Program).
  • Earth and Ocean Sciences rooms 101, 105, 107 (Faculty of Science)*:
    • Update 2 teaching labs (rooms 105 and 107) into learn labs which foster student-led collaboration and group work, moving away from instructor-centric pedagogies and towards group-based problem solving. Room 101 will also be updated, reusing furniture from the other 2 rooms and installing an AV system. The renovation will support greatly enhanced display and curation for a range of rock, mineral and fossil samples used for experiential learning. The integration of AV technology will allow students and instructors to share digital images from microscopes and support enhanced use of open source computation and visualization tools in EOAS courses.
  • School of Population and Public Health room 369 (Faculty of Medicine): 
    • Renovate existing combined Research and Teaching laboratory by separating wet lab space (noisy, PPE requirements) and teaching-only space. Proposed reconfiguration will support specialized applied/laboratory teaching activities (microscopy, balance room) while segregating teaching/research functions. The new teaching space will allow for expansion of the MSc OEH program.
  • JB Macdonald room 158/164 (Faculty of Dentistry)*: 
    • Convert a traditional classroom into a group work teaching and learning space (learn lab). The current layout does not meet the Dentistry cohort size, so room is not well-utilized for courses. The new learn lab will replace the small group rooms in the building that have been converted to
      other uses.

* project will span two summers, 2023 and 2024

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