Learning Space Improvement Projects

August 29, 2017

The Learning Spaces Team works to continually improve learning spaces on campus. One way that renovation projects can be considered is by submitting them through the Learning Spaces Improvement Projects process.

Established as an annual initiative, the Learning Spaces Team invites Advisory Committee for UBC Learning Spaces (LSAC) members to submit proposals for their Faculty’s top priority projects in general use classrooms, restricted classrooms, teaching labs, and informal learning spaces. The scope of these projects can include furniture, audio visual, accessibility, electrical, and more. Lab equipment and desktop computers are not eligible to receive funding. Funding contributions from the Faculty are typically requested for restricted spaces.

Learning Spaces Improvements Projects Process:

1. Submissions Open
In late spring, application forms will be available to LSAC members and submissions will open. LSAC members distribute application forms to relevant stakeholders within their Faculty (e.g. Timetable Reps.)
2. Submission Review and Site Visits
After the project submissions are closed, the Learning Spaces Team will evaluate the submissions and coordinate walkthroughs of the spaces.
3. LSAC Shortlist
A shortlist of top projects will be presented to the LSAC for approval during the annual fall meeting.
4. Final decisions are made and projects begin
Successful project submissions will receive confirmation following the fall LSAC meeting. The Learning Spaces Team will work in collaboration with the Departments, Faculties and Schools to plan and execute the projects

Factors taken into consideration when reviewing projects include:

  • Overall room condition/student experience
  • Ability to meet current and future program and pedagogical needs
  • Room usage/utilization
  • Synergies with campus projects & capital planning

If you are a staff or faculty member interested in submitting a project idea, please contact your LSAC representative (PDF)

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