Cyclical Maintenance

August 22, 2017

The Learning Spaces Team manages a cyclical maintenance plan to ensure classrooms are functioning for all users of the space. Maintenance operations are carried out throughout the year.

Each summer, AV technicians undertake a comprehensive audit of the AV equipment in classrooms across campus to ensure that everything is in working order. While technicians are in the classrooms, they also complete an annual service of the projectors and update room computer software as needed.

UBC IT Audio Visual Services completes several scheduled yearly renewals throughout the summer in addition to the cyclical summer maintenance. Audio visual components need to be replaced at the end of their lifecycle, so the UBC IT Audio Visual team organizes the maintenance schedule well in advance to accommodate the servicing or replacement of entire batches of equipment. One of the yearly renewal projects recently completed (summer 2018) is the Analog to Digital Upgrade.

Maintenance for furniture and other room amenities is regularly completed throughout the year. This includes cleaning furniture, adjusting theatre tablets and repairing moveable tables.   

Learning Space Stewards

For day to day operations, the Learning Spaces team hires a team of Learning Space Stewards to complete room setups and checks for general use classrooms. They are also responsible for reporting issues with the AV, lighting, furniture, or general cleanliness of the room. Learning Space Stewards play an important role in ensuring that instructors and students have a usable, functioning learning environment. Every day these students check up to 300 classrooms to set up furniture according to room requirements. They also report any issues with the AV, lighting, furniture, or general cleanliness of the room.

Want to be a Learning Space Steward? Positions are regularly advertised in April and August through UBC Careers Online.

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