Analog to Digital Upgrade

August 17, 2017

UBC IT Audio Visual has completed an 8-year program to modernize UBC Vancouver's general use classrooms by upgrading all the existing AV systems to accommodate connections of digital devices.

As the world is becoming increasingly digital, many devices have had their analog (VGA) ports replaced by newer technologies such as HDMI, Display Port, USB and Wireless. This transition from analog to digital is sometimes referred to as "The Analog Sunset”. It became a necessity for UBC IT Audio Visual to take on a full renewal to modernize UBC’s AV systems. The A-D program ensures that all of UBC’s AV systems in general use classrooms will be compatible with newer devices that only come equipped with digital outputs. Even as classrooms are converted to digital, the new AV systems will continue to incorporate VGA inputs for older devices, ensuring that systems will still be backwards compatible with legacy analog connections.

An important aspect of this project dealt with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), a security protocol embedded in digital devices to ensure compliance with copyright protection laws. Updated classrooms ensure that any HDCP protected devices and content will be usable once connected to the presentation system.

This project began in 2010 and was expected to take 10 years to complete. UBC IT Audio Visual completed the upgrades ahead of schedule and as of Summer 2018, all general use classrooms on the UBC Vancouver campus are digital compatible.

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