Active Learning Classrooms

Active Learning Classrooms are learning spaces aimed to support teaching that encourages student interaction, group work, application and critical thinking.

Active learning classrooms include furniture designed for collaboration, from peer-to-peer learning to instructor-to-student interaction. Classrooms are also equipped with plenty of writing surfaces, allowing students to work together to solve problems and easily present their work to their peers. These spaces range from low-tech to high-tech environments. High-tech active learning classrooms, called "Learn Labs", feature technology that allows both instructors and students to share their work with the class through digital displays at each table. 

Active learning classrooms can support breakout groups in-class, as an alternative to booking multiple small rooms.

AV orientations are available, provided by a technician from UBC IT Audio Visual. To arrange an orientation please contact or 604-822-7956.

Please contact us at for any questions or additional information about UBC's active learning classrooms.


UBC has 2 group work theatres. These rooms have large tiers with multiple tables on each tier, allowing sightlines to the front of the room. They have displays around the room to provide optimal viewing angles, but do not have a display at each table.

Hennings 200 tables of 4. 180 seats

MacMillan 166 tables of 4 and 6. ​​​​​100 seats (Opening Jan 2023.) 

Other theatres support group work with 2 rows per tier, which allows students to turn and form groups: BIOL 1000, LIFE 2201 and BUCH A201.


Learn labs are high-tech group work rooms where each pod has its own display. Presentations can be shared to any/all displays from the instructor lectern or student pods. Additional learn labs can be found by searching "Learn Lab" under amenities on Find a Space; there are 9 Learn Labs in the General Teaching Space inventory. 

examples include:
Hebb B112  tables of 8. 56 seats

Biological Sciences 1012 tables of 6. 48 seats

MacLeod 3014 tables of 6. 60 seats


Group work classrooms come equipped with moveable tables and multiple writing surfaces either mounted around the room or in the form of mobile whiteboards. They do not have technology at each table. The instructor station is equipped with standard UBC classroom technology (AV controls and connections to the projector, etc).

examples include:
Klinck 462 tables of 6. 48 seats

Orchard Commons 4004 tables of 5. 25 seats

University Centre 107 tables of 6. 48 seats

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