Dividers for In-class Exams

Pictured: HENN 200, one divider per 4-person group table

Dividers are available to be used for in-class exams in some group work rooms. The dividers are made of cardboard and come with 2 pieces that slot together (a 60” w x 14” h panel and a 30” w x 14” h panel). 

Faculty members teaching in the rooms listed below will find the dividers stored under each table against the wall starting on the 3rd week of the term, and students can set them up themselves. Please note that the dividers are not inspected regularly. As dividers are openly stored in the classroom, we recommend instructors and invigilators to check for tampering prior to each exam. Several extra sets of dividers will be stored near the instructor station at the front of the room in case additional dividers are required to replace missing or damaged dividers.  

Dividers are available in the following rooms:

HENN 200

MCML 166 (while most tables are 4-person there are several three 6-person tables which require 2 sets of dividers each, as pictured below)

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