Call for Proposals for Summer 2020 Large Learning Space Improvement Projects

June 14, 2019

The Learning Spaces Advisory Committee (LSAC) invites submissions for Summer 2020 large (up to $1.0M value) learning space improvement projects.  These submissions will be shortlisted by each faculty and the top candidates will be presented and prioritized at the October 3rd, 2019 LSAC meeting. The projects should be transformational and can include improvements to the physical learning space and/or audio visual systems. 

Project Information

  • Approved Learning Space Improvement Projects are typically completed between May 4th and August 28th. Departments will need to have alternative space for any summer programs while the project is underway.

  • Submissions must be for spaces used primarily for teaching: classrooms or teaching labs
    • Eligible: any physical space improvements or audio visual upgrades or additions.  
    • Not eligible: Lab equipment including computers.

  • Project value of up to $1.0M. Faculty funding contributions are welcomed but not required.

  • LSAC members can submit 2 faculty priorities for feasibility. Process for submissions will be determined by individual faculties.


Proposals due to Faculty LSAC member

TBD by Faculty

LSAC member sends top 2 priorities for Faculty to Learning Spaces Team

July 26, 2019

Feasibility done for each Faculty's top project. Results shared with Faculty LSAC member.

Aug-Sept, 2019

At Learning Spaces Advisory Committee meeting, LSAC members present their Faculty’s top priority project to committee, followed by a prioritization exercise

Oct 3, 2019

Successful applicants will be notified, and project planning and design will commence through UBC Project Services. Projects will be posted on UBC Learning Spaces website

Oct 18, 2019


Q: There's a room I would like to have upgraded, how do I submit my project?

A: Please contact your Faculty's LSAC member (see list of members here) for information about how to submit your proposal. All projects must go through the Faculty's internal process before being considered for LSAC funding.

Q: Do I need a cost estimate as part of my proposal submission? How do I know how much it will cost?

A: Cost estimates are not needed for the application. Submitted proposals will undergo project feasibility which will include a high level cost estimate. 

Q: I have a learning space that suffers from building issues that Building Operations has not been able to address. Is that something I can submit as a proposal?

A: This program is designed to provide funding to enhance and transform learning spaces to support current and future pedagogies as well as student experience. If your space has deferred maintenance or building system issues (e.g. ongoing HVAC problems) please contact us at to discuss.

Q: How much funding is available?

A: We won’t know until budget submissions are approved in spring 2020, but we have started planning assuming current funding levels which is approximately $1.5M per year for the Learning Space Improvement Projects.

Q: Do you have examples of past projects so I can get an idea of the type of upgrades undertaken?

A: Leonard S. Klinck Room 121 - Undergraduate Data Science Lab
LSK 121 Before and After

HR MacMillan Room 102 - Undergraduate Teaching Lab
MCML 120 Before and After

For any additional questions please contact


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