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Active Learning Classrooms

Active Learning Classrooms are new learning spaces aimed to support teaching that encourages student interaction, group work, application and critical thinking.

These spaces range from low-tech to high-tech environments. Active Learning Classrooms include furniture designed for collaboration, from peer-to-peer learning to instructor-to-student interaction. Classrooms are also equipped with plenty of writing surfaces, allowing students to work together to solve problems and easily present their work to their peers. Some high-tech Active Learning Classrooms feature technology that allows both instructors and students to share their work with the class through digital displays. AV orientations are available, provided by an AV Technician from UBC IT AV. Just contact av.helpdesk@ubc.ca or 604-822-7956 and we can arrange an orientation of the room equipment at your convenience.

Many new buildings on campus include Active Learning Classrooms, and most renovation projects incorporate Active Learning room features.  The newest Active Learning Classrooms are BIOL 1012 and HEBB B112.  For a list of Active Learning Rooms and other rooms with specialized technologies, and to find out how you could teach in one, please visit this page

Some examples of UBC Active Learning Classrooms:

Hennings 200 An ambitious project that transformed a traditional lecture theatre into UBC's first collaborative lecture theatre.

HEBB B112 A high tech learn lab, opened January 2020. This room has tables of 8 with displays and glassboards for each group.

BIOL 1012 A high tech learn lab that seats 48 in groups of 6 with the ability to share content between instructors and groups.